Project Results

Project Result 01

Training Module on Entrepreneurial Leadership Management and

Entrepreneurship Education

This output will be delivered in order to help and support the edition of training guide on youth entrepreneurship (PR2), as well the preparation of the Guild Entrepreneurship online platform (PR3). The content of the newly created training module on entrepreneurial leadership, management and entrepreneurship education with green awareness will serve as learning support for interested target groups who will be using the training guide and platform for work with young people and generally for addressing the topic of entrepreneurial education.
Project Result 1 will be presented in the form of a course content/learning module aiming at teaching entrepreneurial leadership and learning, also management. It will be gathering various text files, specially designed videos and PPT presentations and other interactive resources dedicated to the subject and developed by experienced educators from partner countries.

Project Result 02

Training Guide on Youth Entrepreneurship

The 2nd result that the project has planned to create is a Training Guide on youth entrepreneurship. The training guide will be presented under a form of publication/manual which will be freely available for download out of the online Guild Entrepreneurship platform that the project will further create. The training guide will be fully based on the training module (PR1), developed in prior by all partners.
The idea is to gather the training content in a manual/ publication, which could be also used within formal educational setting. The output shall serve various target groups not only young people willing to involve in entrepreneurial education and learning, but also teachers, educational professionals trainers etc. The innovative elements of the output include exactly the features related to the fact that it will be adapted to use either in formal wither in non formal educational settings and will be easily applied within any learning situation and environment.

Project Result 03

Online Guild Entrepreneurship Platform

The 3rd project output will be presented as an online Guild Entrepreneurship platform integrating the other 2 project outputs as content, providing information on the state of art of youth entrepreneurship in Europe, in a way to fully cover the subject and serve as integral solution for learning and teaching entrepreneurship to youth.
The online Guild Entrepreneurship platform will serve as educational tool that has the aim to foster youth entrepreneurship education by providing opportunities for lifelong learning for diverse target groups, varying from the youth to adult learners. It will bring added value to the activities and achievements of the partner promoters in terms of operational capacity and potential, as well to those of further project stakeholders engaged in delivering entrepreneurship education.

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